On-Site Captioning

IdaCaption's professional captioners work live on location and use our cutting-edge technology to display captions on a projected screen, monitor, laptop or nearly any device connected to the Internet. We can provide captions for groups of any size from one individual to thousands in a large event setting.

Providing services on-site allows the caption provider an opportunity to write for multiple speakers if needed. This service is often requested for conferences, in the classroom, for private training sessions, special events, or business appointments.


Where is on-site captioning done?

  • Large Conferences
  • Classrooms
  • Training Seminars
  • One-On-One Meetings
  • Special Events
  • Conference Calls
  • Government Related Events
  • Religious Services

Why provide captions?

You ensure equal access for all. Providing captions for those with hearing loss make your event or meeting accessible and compliant according to ADA regulations. Even individuals without hearing loss can often miss what is being communicated. Captions by IdaCaption can also be displayed in another language if needed. Captions provide clarification and a second opportunity to understand the message.