Off-Site Captioning

Working from a remote location, the captioner will listen to your individual or group event by phone or through an Internet connected platform like Skype. Utilizing our technology, captions are streamed through a high-speed network connection. The caption viewer(s) can be in one location or multiple locations.

Captions can be displayed on virtually any internet-connected device with a web browser including smart phones, tablets and computers. Off-site captioning can be mobile and very helpful for special situations where the caption viewer needs to be moving like a networking function.


Why use Off-site Captioning Services?

  • Classrooms
  • Conferences
  • Medical or private appointments
  • Walking tours
  • Networking functions
  • Training Seminars
  • Special Events
  • Conference calls
  • Religious Services

For student with hearing loss, remote captioning can mean the difference between failing a course in college or acing the class. It could mean a co-worker understands the content of your meeting because English is her second language. A veteran could truly enjoy the walking tour of the gardens if he could better understand the tour guide's descriptions of its history. Even individuals without hearing loss can often miss what is being communicated. Providing off-site captions provide clarification and a second opportunity to understand the message.